Acxiom Launches Addressable Media Buying Service Through Matterkind

Post-launch coverage of Matterkind on Axciom’s new addressable media buying service, Addressable Advertising, in partnership with Matterkind, by Alison Weissbrot. “For the first time, brands will be able to work with Acxiom for addressable media buying through the Addressable Advertising service. The media buys will be powered by Matterkind.” The launch of the addressable media solution, is said to tighten the partnership between Axciom and Matterkind, “by funneling more media buying toward Matterkind, Addressable Advertising will grow the programmatic agency’s services with Acxiom clients, and vice versa. Matterkind has embedded Acxiom’s ID graph as its foundation for media buying.”

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