Conscious Marketing Can Transform Our Cookie-Dependent Industry

AdExchanger: Conscious Marketing Can Transform Our Cookie-Dependent Industry

With the approaching elimination of third-party cookies, some marketers may be feeling the pressure. An asset we’ve relied on for years to support and enable our data collection has now been pulled out from under us—but is it really as bad as it seems? Cookies have become the default solution for many when it comes to obtaining insights, but they can also be inaccurate, frustrating to individuals, and ineffective at measuring performance. While third-party cookie phase-out may seem like a catastrophe, it’s actually an opportunity to harness the power of conscious marketing.

Conscious marketing is both about taking an intentional, respectful route, and also holding your business accountable. Collecting data that’s necessary, rather than available, for example, or being honest and transparent in your communications. It’s about keeping both company goals front of mind as well as connecting in an authentic, relevant way with your audience. Conscious marketing also creates an excellent opportunity to reduce costs through more welcoming and specific messaging, by delivering the right message to the right audience.

The depreciation of third-party cookies may seem like a loss, but in many ways, is a gain to marketers everywhere. Learn more about our thoughts on conscious marketing in this blog post by Erica Schmidt.