Ascenders June

Ascenders of the Month: June Edition

Recognizing the value that employees bring to Matterkind extends beyond saying “thank you.” The talent our employees bring every day is what allows Matterkind to be a thriving, diverse global community. Every month, Matterkind spotlights individuals from across the globe who have gone above and beyond. These employees are known as our Ascenders of the Month, and you can learn a little more about them below.

Jack Bewlay
Associate Director of Addressable Activation
As the Associate Director of Addressable Activation, Jack spends his time working on planning and execution. His favorite thing about working at Matterkind is the people he gets to interact with every day. Jack’s coworkers said they would describe him as “stoic,” his favorite board game is either Monopoly or Risk, and his favorite card game is Spades. Jack is also a US Marine Corps veteran, and in honor of Military Appreciation Month last month, we’d like to thank him for his service!

Alejandra Ignorosa
Director of Addressable Strategy
Alejandra is the Director of Addressable Strategy at Matterkind and focuses on leading addressable strategies and campaigns operations for UM and Thrive clients. Her favorite thing about working at Matterkind is having the opportunity to propose, explore, and attempt new challenges, as well as the chance to help her team to grow and learn from mistakes. Alejandra’s favorite season is autumn because she loves the colors of the trees, the weather, and hearing the crunch of crisp leaves under her feet! Her coworkers would describe her as “always willing to help.”

Sonia Joseph
Senior Manager of Addressable Strategy
Much like Jack, Sonia says her favorite thing about working at Matterkind is the people. As the Senior Manager of Addressable Strategy, her coworkers would describe her as “the Matterkind Wikipedia,” and always readily available to answer questions about the organization. When asked to describe her team in three words, she said they are cute, caring, and helpful!

Lara Sánchez Orusco
Campaign Manager & Process Manager
As the Campaign & Process Manager, Lara Sánchez Orusco leads up the J3 team. She loves working here because both the J3 team and the Matterkind team bring, “knowledge, empathy, and are always happy to provide help.” Her coworkers would describe her as resolute, and she always tries to provide solutions to the problems she may encounter. One thing she keeps on her desk are plastic dinosaurs—she has many that she uses to play with when she needs to concentrate!

Here at Matterkind, we believe in the strength of every employee, and the initiative of every team. We are much more than the sum of our parts, and our culture is built on lifting each other up, caring for our communities, and making a positive impact. Interested in joining our collaborative environment? Check out our open positions now.