Ascenders of the Month: May Edition

Ascenders of the Month: May Edition

At Matterkind, we recognize the value of our employees and the talent they bring every day. Without the strength of our teams, we would not be able to grow into the thriving, diverse community we have established here today.

Every month, Matterkind spotlights individuals from across the globe who have gone above and beyond. These employees are known as our Ascenders of the Month, and you can learn a little more about them below.

Pablo Abreu, Director of Addressable Strategy & Activation
Pablo Abreu is the Director of Addressable Strategy & Activation at Matterkind, working on various accounts. Pablo loves “how bright and resourceful everyone is,” and the true sense of community at Matterkind. “I appreciate how we all support one another in so many different ways, everyone has so much to offer, and I find myself constantly learning.” Pablo thinks his coworkers would describe him as “thoughtful,” and if he could have any superpower, he would want the ability to heal others.

László Farkas, Head Of Technology for DE
As the Head of Technology for DE, László is responsible for the development and the maintenance of the in-house tech stack. He focuses on delivering quality, data-driven insights to his colleagues across teams. László constantly feels amazed by the thriving work culture displayed at Matterkind, and the different paths you can choose within the organization to develop a greater sense of ownership. He thinks that his coworkers would describe him as “detailed,” and if he had to describe his team in three words, he would say that they are, “such great people!”

Johanna Lavini, Managing Director
Johanna Lavini is the Managing Director of the Peruvian Market, and is just shy of celebrating one year at Matterkind! Above all, Johanna really loves the diversity here at Matterkind, as well as the shared knowledge around technology and data. When asked to describe herself in one word, Johanna thinks that “leader” describes her best, and that her coworkers would agree. She describes her team as “intrepid, enthusiastic, and curious.”

Akshat Singh, Programmatic Manager
Akshat Singh is the Programmatic Manager and has been at Matterkind for two years. He loves the breadth of learning that the Matterkind community offers and is focused on helping clients grow and succeed by engaging with their audiences. Akshat thinks coworkers would describe him as a “Jolly-Good-Fellow,” (which we love!). If Akshat ever writes an autobiography, he will title it Order in Chaos.

We believe we are so much more than the sum of our parts and believe in the strengths of each individual and every team. Our culture is built on lifting each other up, caring for our communities, and making a positive impact. Interested in joining our collaborative environment? Check out our open positions now.