break the bias

Break the Bias

When it comes to celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women around the world, we can all agree that our focus should extend far beyond Women’s History Month in March.

At Matterkind, gender parity is an important pillar in the way we lead, run, and build our organization. We have made great strides, but we still have important steps to take. To continue our conversations around growth and empowerment, we connected with some of our strong female leaders in the Asia-Pacific region to learn about their experiences. Listen firsthand as Micaela, Rashmi, and Lani share the key moments in their journeys where bias has been a challenge, and how they have overcome it.

Micaela Soyza | Head of Matterkind Malaysia

On shifting the onus: “I think the question shouldn’t just be for the women…there also should be an onus on the organizations as well as people in leadership positions to bring about the change, to break this bias.”

Rashmi Balakrishnan | General Manager, Kinesso Malaysia

On handling bias: “[Early on in my career], I was the only female developer [on my team], and I was assigned the typical task of taking meeting minutes in every meeting. The responsibility for office house-jobs should be equally shared in a round robin manner.” – Rashmi

Lani Jamieson | Head of Client Solutions Matterkind APAC

On the responsibility of leaders: “If you stay quiet, you’re reinforcing that the behavior is okay.” – Lani

Breaking the bias in our communities starts small, and the work that needs to be done isn’t easy. It involves making space for the voices of marginalized groups, taking active steps to shrink the equity gap, and uplifting female leaders so they can succeed. Matterkind is ready to embrace these challenges, as we look forward into 2022 and beyond.