Ascenders of the Month

Ascenders of the Month: November Edition

Recognizing the value that employees bring to Matterkind extends beyond saying “thank you.” The talent our employees bring every day is what allows Matterkind to be a thriving, diverse global community. Every month, Matterkind spotlights individuals from across the globe who have gone above and beyond. These employees are known as our Ascenders of the Month, and you can learn a little more about them below.

Kate Cockbain
As the Senior Associate of Addressable Strategy at Matterkind, Kate spends her days working to find the best possible solution to a problem or a desired outcome. It’s rare that there is just one right answer, so she focuses on working with various teams to validate which is the better solution and why. Her favorite thing about her experience here at Matterkind is the growth she’s experienced professionally, along with the ability to manage ambiguity, maintain focus on a strategic purpose, and collaborate when it matters most. Her favorite season is fall because it’s still warm enough to want to go outside, but cold enough to not have bugs, and if she could travel anywhere, she would go to Japan—in fact, it’s next on her travel list!

Ria Gasacao
Ria is the Manager for Addressable Media and focuses on ensuring that client’s goals are strategically met, coordinators and associates are properly well-trained and mentored, collaterals and local templates are updated quarterly, and that the proper technology is used across all accounts. Aside from that, Ria is also responsible for conducting trainings internally for new hires within the team, as well as agency wide trainings to strengthen the value proposition of Matterkind. Ria prides herself on being a go-to person when it comes to decoding technical jargon within digital and addressable media concerns to better explain some complex technologies that clients want to explore. She says her favorite thing about Matterkind is that she is always able to improve her knowledge in the industry. “Matterkind cares about my ambitions and aspirations with a proper and stress-free culture. This company has also made me feel welcomed in all ways that matter: the people have become my family and confidantes, management also listens to what you need, and lastly, I never feel limited in my capabilities. Matterkind pushes me to become better, and at the same time exposes me to an environment that helps me to hone my skills.” In the Philippines, where Ria is from, her favorite season is the dry season—even though the heat can be irritating, it’s far less damaging than the rainy season! The most interesting thing she has on her desk is her go to reading book “Ego is The Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. She rereads her favorite chapters whenever she feels down and needs some encouragement!

Joseph Quashie
As the Director of Addressable Strategy, Joseph’s typical day is filled with meetings about strategy, activation, investment, and budgeting. After grabbing a coffee in the morning before starting work on the 4th floor, he begins his day by checking in on his team’s progress across daily tasks, projects, and campaign tactics. Joseph loves working at Matterkind because he understands and appreciates the culture and staff—his days are filled with working with so many intelligent and driven people! Joseph’s favorite boardgame is Monopoly—he has many fond memories of playing in his grandparents’ kitchen with his siblings, aunts, and uncles! Autumn is his favorite season because he gets to wear leather, and his next travel destination is the Maldives. “It looks fantastic, the water looks so clear and blue!” he shares.

Brandon Wood
Brandon is the Vice President of search and social at Matterkind, and his days are always pretty different! He meets regularly with the search and social account teams to talk through account improvements, connects with key client partners to discuss how we can improve their business through the search and social channels, and helps to solve client problems when it comes to measurement, reporting, and optimizations. However, a lot of his time is what he considers the fun stuff—when he gets to train, teach, coach, and mentor team members on all things search and social. His favorite thing about working at Matterkind is the people—”this company truly puts people first, caring about our health, well-being, and career goals,” Brandon shares. His favorite board game is Euchre, and while he doesn’t get to play as often as he used to, many nights were spent with his family laughing and arguing over cards. As a Michigan resident, his favorite season is autumn, because he loves being able to wear a sweatshirt without a jacket, watch the leaves change, and visit a cider mill. The name of his autobiography would be: “Every Shade of Awesome – The Life and Times of Brandon Wood”.

Here at Matterkind, we believe in the strength of every employee, and the initiative of every team. We are much more than the sum of our parts, and our culture is built on lifting each other up, caring for our communities, and making a positive impact. Interested in joining our collaborative environment? Check out our open careers now.