Sean Popen: When Times Are Tough, Performance Marketing Is A Must

Research clearly proves that investing in marketing during times of economic crisis yields strong business results. Performance marketing is a CFO’s dream—with the ability to drive measurable growth for every dollar spent, it’s no wonder that it’s the preferred option in an unstable economic climate.

While branding and performance are traditionally seen as opposite extremes of the funnel, performance tactics are making their way up. Brands can use performance marketing to drive awareness and build relationships, and are able to use performance marketing for lead generation and to build out their own first-party data. Performance channels are evolving to deliver relevant, respectful experiences and build long-term customer relationships.

As we enter a time of economic instability, brands should be looking for solutions that can help them maintain growth, even if budgets are limited. Learn more about how performance marketing is essential in this AdExchanger article by Matterkind EVP, Sean Popen, here.