MediaPost’s Newest Creative All-Star: Erica Schmidt

Erica Schmidt has led Matterkind for the past six years with a focus on a people-first approach to engaging audiences and driving brand growth regardless of channel on a global scale.

Now she’s been recognized for her achievements as the latest inductee into the MediaPost’s Online All-Stars. The award celebrates individuals in the online Creative, Media, and Marketing industries, who have pushed the business to new levels of excellence through their outstanding achievements and thought leadership.

It’s no secret tremendous inefficiency exists in the digital programmatic ecosystem. Audience fragmentation across platforms, browsers, and publishers has resulted in oversaturation of the same audiences, and programmatic advertising generally fails to achieve the best outcomes for advertisers. Equally as important, those on the receiving end of the digital experience are reduced to a ‘user’, ‘viewer’, or ‘clicker’ to be reached or exploited, and rarely treated with the respect and kindness they deserve as humans.  

But Erica has guided the transformation of Matterkind into the people-centric, outcome-driven addressable marketing partner needed to establish and maintain direct relationships with customers amidst the ever-evolving privacy andmadtech landscape. Now more than ever, people demand more from their interactions with brands. A recent study shows 4 out of 5 customers believe experiences with a brand are as (or more!) important than the product or service itself. Thanks to Erica’s leadership, Matterkind is singularly focused on driving measurable business outcomes that matter for advertisers through marketing that’s kind to audiences. 

“Responsible, addressable marketing is at the core of everything we do here at Matterkind – and that boils down to more than just who we are, but also how we work with our client partners and how we work internally.”

Erica Schmidt

She’s also deeply committed to building a best-in-class culture at Matterkind and continues to push boundaries and break barriers for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. In addition to her service to the Board of Directors for the Ad Council, she serves internally as the Chief Culture Officer across Matterkind’s parent company Kinesso, is a former Board Member of IPG’s Women’s Leadership Network and is the executive sponsor of Matterkind’s IMPACT Group: a network championing underrepresented groups in advertising technology across the US.