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Addressable means we’re people-first. Instead of optimizing against channels, we put the audience at the forefront of everything we do. Using ethically sourced data and proprietary tech, we deliver stronger connections with consumers and grow the relationships that matter to brands.

Our Approach

We join data, services, and tech to build respectful marketing with a lifetime impact.

This unified approach powers stronger connections. It’s how we respond to audiences in real-time, while anticipating their future needs. Through this, we help build marketer-consumer relationships that last.

Our Solutions

Outcome Based Marketing

Optimize your outcomes with buying models customized to your goals.

Addressable Activation

Effectively reach your audience with our purpose-driven approach.

  • Holistic Strategy
  • Data Solutions & Audience Segmentation
  • Campaign Management
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting

Advisory Services

Elevate your digital practices with our suite of proprietary tech and services.

  • Engineering & Tech Development
  • Product Development
  • Addressable Activation
  • Advisory Services
  • Data Monetization

Our proprietary technology is built on trust and transparency.

Optimization Engine
Optimization Engine

Achieves better campaign outcomes by analyzing performance in real-time, so you can shift your budget and resources to the most effective channels.

Audience Hub
Audience Hub

Identifies audience duplication in a variety of dimensions by unifying data across multiple platforms and campaigns into one view. This allows for more impactful media buys, creates more purposeful connections with customers, and eliminates wasted marketing spend.

Audience Console
Audience Console

Creates unique High Value Audience profiles with true audience sizing, effective reporting, and powerful insights through person-level data.

Media Mix Modeling
Media Mix Modeling

Provides the true opportunity size of audiences across all addressable channels through tailor-made modeling solutions, amplified by machine learning.

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