The Engine+ Competition: Our Five Finalists

The Engine+ Competition: Our Five Finalists

TheEngine+ competition is down to our top five finalists, and we couldn’t be more excited! Built to foster creativity and innovation across Acxiom, Kinesso, and IPG as a whole, TheEngine+ competition enables talent from all levels to positively impact the future of our business by developing ideas for products and business solutions across a wide variety of areas. The Engine+ competition promotes and allows like-minded individuals to come together around a ground-breaking idea, form teams, pitch their concepts to executives, and develop proposals to compete for first place. The knowledge that participants gain and connections they develop are invaluable to the experience of TheEngine+.

Now, our five finalists…

Our first team consists of Sara Sowsian, Associate Director of Global Partnership Development at Kinesso, and Neeraj Sharma, Director of Project Management at Kinesso. Together, they want to be able to help advertisers essentially predict the future before it arrives. All too often, insights often live in dashboards that only offer a narrow view of trends, only applicable to the publisher they are receiving insights from. Sara and Neeraj are determined to provide advertisers with what they need to see into the future!

Our second team is made up of Stefana Rusu, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Acxiom, along with Conor Brown, Marketing Analytics Director at Acxiom, Ken Moore Vice President of Marketing Sciences at Kinesso, and Scot Richardson, Director of Data Science Strategy and Visualization at Acxiom. Together, these four team members are constantly working to develop innovative products, and as a result, have keenly identified pain points in these processes. With their collective extensive product development knowledge and data-driven backgrounds, these team members are bringing to the table a product that will better help to identify gaps and overlaps in the process.

Our third team is led by Tracey Stanbridge, Vice President of Product Management at Kinesso, Ray McGill, Director of Engineering at Kinesso, and Kim Kho, National Head of Trading and Operations at Matterkind. This team sees that manual errors during the Aactivation phase of a campaign often result in millions of dollars of overspend, as well as damaged client relationships, and know that these errors could’ve easily been avoided. This team knows it’s critical that these errors are caught.

Team four consists of Dustin Raney, Director of Products at Acxiom, Kyle Hollaway, Senior Vice President, Head of Global Identity at Acxiom, and Christiane De Carvalho, Vice President of Business Development and Strategy at Acxiom. Finding consumer-focused consenting technology that offers both transparency and a seamless user experience on the internet is nearly impossible. Team four is looking to harnesses the power of billions of consented interactions and connect consumers with brands with a seamless and smooth user experience.

Team five is our community vote winner, selected by our very own IPG community, and is led by Matthew Christenson, Data Scientist at Acxiom. As privacy regulations expand, businesses increasingly need permission from consumers to use their data—at the same time, consumer demands for engagements that are valued, relevant, and helpful continue to grow as they become more tech-savvy. Team five’s product fills the need for a platform that can both capture data, and also position it to generate value for consumers, so they eagerly support its use in the digital ecosystem.

TheEngine+ initiative enables employees from all seniority levels to participate in something truly special—the opportunity to make a difference. Excited to see what TheEngine+ winning team has in store for us?! Stay tuned for more announcements coming soon, and in the meantime, learn more about TheEngine+ here.