3 Ways You Could Be Growing Your Business Through Marketing

3 Ways You Could Be Growing Your Business Through Marketing

Right now, working in marketing is about finding ways to meet people where they are and engage them authentically. Millennials led the shift toward online shopping, digital activism and achieving work-life balance, while Gen Z is full of digital natives who can spot a grift from a mile away. Both generations value diversity and inclusivity and want to know brands’ stances on social issues.

To adapt to these new expectations, Kinesso’s Matterkind has implemented “conscious marketing” and launched Outcome Navigator (ON) — a suite of applications to help marketers navigate the changing landscape of the industry. Outcome Navigator’s offerings help focus marketing efforts on creating more thoughtful, respectful engagement with customers to achieve several key business outcomes vital to a marketing professional.

  1. Affiliate Outcomes
    Outcome Navigator analyzes existing affiliate programs to identify potential opportunities and partnerships. Matterkind recently did this for a premium lifestyle and performance shoe brand’s affiliate program. The ON audit enabled the client to decrease its dependency on underperforming affiliates, onboard new partners and connect with publications, influencers and thought leaders who could increase brand awareness and impact purchase behaviors.
  2. Commerce Outcomes
    The commerce outcomes capabilities within Outcome Navigator enable companies to use purchased based data to reach potential customers. ON uses retailer first-party data, not third-party cookies, to help brands measure total sales and understand what’s driving in-store and online sales.
  3. Qualified Lead Generation
    With the end of the use of third-party cookies looming, establishing direct relationships with people is important. The ON-qualified lead generation capability allows companies to grow their databases in a way that incorporates privacy by design.

Learn more about Outcome Navigator’s full suite and how it can help your business connect with customers.

This editorial was originally posted on Afrotech.

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