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Matterkind 2022 IMPACT Day

On September 22, Matterkind and Kinesso employees were invited to join the 2022 IMPACT Day. For this annual day of service across Matterkind and Kinesso global offices, we closed our offices to allow our employees to participate in local community service work. This year’s theme was Uplifting Our Communities, and our focus was on partnering with organizations that address needs amongst historically underserved communities.

Read on to learn more about the experiences Matterkind and Kinesso employees shared on their 2022 IMPACT Day!

Shwetha Srinivas
Account Manager, Kinesso

For our IMPACT Day, we visited an orphanage called Nele Foundation in Mysore to distribute education aids (bags, books, charts, geometry box, pens, etc.). Ten Kinesso Mysore employees volunteered and made this an incredibly successful event! The kids ranged from ages 8 to 18 years old, and it was such a wonderful experience spending time with them. They even allowed us to watch some amazing prayers and dance performances! Our day was well spent with these children and showed us how to lead a happy life with less facilities.

Alexandra Godown
Associate Trainee, Addressable Strategy and Activation, Matterkind

As an Associate Trainee at Matterkind, my mission is to learn and grow as much as possible. I have been striving to meet and connect with fellow employees at the NYC office as they are an incredible bunch of people. In July, an email was sent out asking for volunteers to lead IMPACT Day events, and I knew it would be a great learning opportunity. I spearheaded the project we did with the Battery Park Conservancy in lower Manhattan. A group of nearly 30 of us collaborated with the park to restore a 9/11 memorial garden to its former glory. We weeded and mulched the garden, a great bonding experience as we were all having fun getting our hands dirty. I am so happy I decided to lead this group! I got to meet incredible people outside of our office setting and we came together to make a difference on a local scale. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year!

Reena Pandya
Account Manager, Kinesso

To recognize IMPACT Day, we provided underprivileged children with study aids, such as books, pencils, lunchboxes, etc., as well as cookies, snacks, chocolates, and other treats.

It was an amazing experience to see absolute purity and to briefly glimpse childhood through the eyes of these angels. They were all in the primary section (from kindergarten till 4th standard). We encouraged them to participate in some creative and engaging games, while simultaneously educating them on the significance and importance of education.

We were almost 18-20 people all together, and the school was a vernacular medium school, where the kids are coming for education in regional language. It was an experience where we learned that it feels so good to give back to the community and spread joy.

Gladis Moreira Crespo
Manager, Addressable Strategy, Matterkind

I participated with the Matterkind East coast teams in the 100 W 33rd office. While there were several organizations in the office, I spent the day packaging meals for the Rise Against Hunger organization. I was part of a group of five people whose responsibility it was to fill bags with multiple nutritious ingredients to be then weighed and sealed. My group consisted of both Matterkind and Kinesso folks from various teams. It was truly a rewarding experience coming together for such a great cause. I was able to meet and befriend so many Matterkind/Kinesso folks that I had never met before. My favorite part was when the Rise Against Hunger representative would shout how many meals we had packaged. He first shouted 2,000, then 6,000, and kept going until we reached 15,000 meals! Each time he shouted a new number our team looked at each other with smiles as we were both astonished and proud of what we were contributing to.

Priyanka Baram
Associate Director, Analytics & Reporting, Kinesso

“We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give”
Winston Churchill

Twenty Kinesso volunteers from Mumbai, India brought smiles to innocent faces & those moments were priceless! For IMPACT Day, we visited a school with financially challenged children &and spread smiles by conducting fun games like book balancing, marble-n-spoon, candy race.

We distributed snacks and candies, school bags and kits among these children followed by a short session on the importance of education. We also met with the school trustees and discovered areas of contribution for their betterment. IMPACT Day gave us an opportunity to look within and reflect on how blessed we are.

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